What does it mean to be a Warmline Volunteer?

It means,

  • Having a direct and big impact in the lives of local families.
  • Helping others from your home and around your schedule.
  • Providing peer support and local resources to pregnant or postpartum individuals in need.

What does it take to be a Warmline Volunteer?

Volunteers commit to,

  • Completing our self-paced, online Warmline training and interview process.
  • Signing up to staff the PHA warmline 3+ weeks a year.
  • When scheduled, receiving 3-5 inquiries a week, averaging about 20 minutes per call.

How to get started:

Take our Warmline Training

Complete our online training (registration link below) to learn the basics about how our warmline works and how to assess and support local pregnant or postpartum individuals in need.

Interview with PHA

Next, you'll be invited to apply to be a Peer Support Specialist Volunteer. Submit the application and we will reach out to schedule a casual phone or zoom interview.

Make a Difference

After interviewing, you will be schedule based on your interest and availability. When on call, you will donate ~3 hours of your time and personally change the lives of multiple new parents a week!

Ready to make a difference?


Become a Peer Support Specialist Volunteer

Join PHA's army of passionate volunteers and get trained to provide peer support and tailored referrals to parents who contact our warmline

Complete this self-paced, comprehensive training to become a PHA Peer Support Specialist.

You will have 6 months to complete this course. If you do not complete the course within 6 months, you will have to re-register and start again.

Each section must be completed in order and you must pass each section quiz to move onto the next section. You can retake each quiz up to 5 times.

Following the completion of this training, you'll move onto phase two of the onboarding process, in which you will be invited to apply and interview with PHA.

We're honored that your here.

Established over two decades ago by a passionate group of clinical professionals, the Postpartum Health Alliance (PHA) is San Diego's go-to nonprofit for perinatal (pregnant and postpartum) individuals and professionals.

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